It’s a wrap #blogjune day 30

Image from page 16 of “Sunny rhymes for happy children. : Rhymes” (1917). Retrieved from flickr commons

Variety is the spice of life, and over the last 30 days the variety of topics covered has been a delicious concoction of ideas from many people all over the world of library and information management. If you haven’t already seen some of the posts and comments  I invite you to have a browse, not only here but also on the other blogs participating in #blogjune (just follow the hashtag). Thankyou for all of you who posted, commented, shared, and liked. Especially to @petradumbell for inviting CURTIS to participate in #blogjune, and to all of our members who put their hand up to contribute – it has been a collective effort! Many hands make life work 😉



3 thoughts on “It’s a wrap #blogjune day 30

  1. jadembryan says:

    How much fun was this?!? Loved it. Thank you to everybody who blogged, commented, read or browsed!! Big special thank you’s to Havva and Petra for all their hard work in making this happen. Best June ever 🙂

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  2. petradumbell says:

    Loved it to!!! It was so much fun doing it as a group. Have you seen, on Twitter there is already a discussion to make this an ongoing, weekly thing. To be honest, not sure if I’m keen just now, need a bit of a break… What do you think?

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