Do you plan your social media input? #blogjune day 29

Do you plan how often you post or do you only post when you have something interesting to say? How much effort does it take for you to participate on Social Media?

For me, I dislike posting on Facebook, or reading on there either, I have set it up so that I can check notifications to see if there is any important information I have missed in one of the many groups I am part of, and use it mostly through messenger.

I enjoy Twitter, and I once had a goal to post something everyday, but now I usually only post when I think I have something interesting to say. I get a lot of PD reading done on Twitter and find it extremely relevant to my Library and Information studies learning, but this is largely dependent on who you follow.

So no, I don’t plan my social media input, but I wish I did more of it on Twitter, continuous, constant and stable effort is easier for me to maintain than short and rapid bursts.


2 thoughts on “Do you plan your social media input? #blogjune day 29

  1. Ruth Baxter says:

    I don’t plan my personal social media, I just post when I have something to say. However I have recently been shown the value of planning our library posts to Twitter, through the work of a library colleague @ruthmcconchie She did some great work gathering evidence about impact from a scheduled Twitter campaign for a library program and we have been able to use her evidence to argue for funding and changes in our social medi practice

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