Day 26ish….Missing Deadlines: How do you manage to meet yours?

I missed my deadline yesterday for #BlogJune! Oh no!

It’s such a horrible feeling when I realise I’ve missed a due date or a meeting or forgotten to do something! I get a rush of adrenaline and it takes ages to quell the panic.

Although I’m finding that the older and wiser I get, the easier it is getting to forgive myself.  Perhaps because the more times I muck up and nothing goes wrong I realise the consequences aren’t as astronomically horrible as I imagined they would be…  not entirely sure if this is a good thing though.

My problem at the moment is that I have too many calendars. I used to have the amazing Sunrise App to connect all of my life together, but since it got bought out by a monolithic tech company (as all amazing tech is wont to do), I’m in a constant state of insecurity about whether I’ve checked all my many pockets of information.

I use Google Calendar which syncs fine to Job #1, but Job #2 uses Outlook Web App which won’t sync to anything except other mail devices.  My main organisational tool is actually just a Google Doc, it opens on all my devices and I can add notes to it everywhere. For this same reason, I like Google Keep to hold meeting notes as it gets a date stamp.

I’d love to know… what do you use to meet your deadlines?


2 thoughts on “Day 26ish….Missing Deadlines: How do you manage to meet yours?

  1. jadembryan says:

    I gave up trying to find the perfect all-encompassing, one-fits-all, sync-to-everything app/electronic calendar/task manager/to do list/life organizer and went back to my old skool roots using actual paper….creating my own bullet journal/organizer tailored to me personally, and including everything I wanted/needed.

    I didn’t think it would work – how could it?!? With all the whizz-bang digital offerings available?! But it did, and I love it!! It keeps me organized, it keeps me on track and on target and it keeps me sane. It’s this hybrid forward planner/diary/notebook/calendar/task list and it works for me. It allowed me to somehow keep track of and know where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing for three units, three jobs, volunteering hours, social events and family life. I couldn’t have survived last Semester without it.

    The only downside is having to carry around a notebook, but it’s only A5 and quite slim so fits into all my handbags!! And the best bit…..I got to justify buying pretty ‘bullet journal’ coloured pens even though I usually just use a plain blue biro!! Haha.

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  2. petradumbell says:

    I know the horrible feeling of missing deadlines and meetings. But I think it happens to all of us! As a family, we use a shared iCalendar that syncs across all devices, which works quite well. Everything goes in there, school things, meal planning, work, study, birthdays etc. Work uses Outlook, so I manually add these appointments to iCal too. My husband even has a reminder set up in there to tell me how amazing I am every month (because he forgets 😉

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