#blogjune 23 Tech Tools: Do we self educate and encourage usage? #blogjune day 23

Confession time …. I love gadgets, new tech toys, buttons to push and touch screens to test. For me, I’m happy to jump right in and give new technology a try. However, this is not the case for everyone, (my experience comes from libraries, this of course may differ in other areas) some show a reluctance to try new technology.

My question is, as new information professionals do we lead the way and self-educate and encourage our work places to embrace tech tools and new developments that arise.

My own response to this is that absolutely it is our responsibility to be abreast of new tech tools which may enrich both our customers experience (speaking libraries here, but applicable elsewhere too) and for our own professional development and well, for me the fun of it.



2 thoughts on “#blogjune 23 Tech Tools: Do we self educate and encourage usage? #blogjune day 23

  1. Fiona Logan says:

    New technology should be embraced by library and information services. As professionals, I feel our role is to act as facilitators for those clients less enthusiastic about technology. By facilitators, I mean being good communicators. We can stand beside library clients as they learn new gadgets and tools. Our role is not to “take over” but help them feel confident about trying new things. We should be encouraging and patient, providing a non-threatening learning environment. In this way, we can bring the less enthusiastic on board. We should be careful not to stereotype people. There are all types of people that don’t like new digital technologies. Libraries can create positive and friendly spaces for everyone to learn new stuff.

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  2. aminath says:

    In the current day and age, if we are not able to keep up with new technology and new social media platforms, we will not be able to reach our target audience. And not everything can be taught in the classroom. We need to be proactive learners and educate ourselves on the go.

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